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Poll: What do you take for Hypothyrodism?

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Thread: What everyone takes for their treatment? Please Vote

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    Most people think dry skin only occurs during the winter months when the wind blows and temperatures drop. The truth is dry skin is a problem for many people all year long regardless of the elements or the climate in which they live. When patients come to me complaining of dry, flaky skin I immediately ask a few pertinent questions about their skin care regimen and overall health.

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    I did fairly well on Teva levo for about 5 years until last Summer when it was withdrawn and I've had huge difficulty finding a replacement I could tolerate. persuaded GP to let me try Eltoxin but found the 50mcg and 100mcg inneffective......which was the same reason Teva and subsequently Goldshield recalled the same strengths levo. Was taking 5 X 25mcgs as this seemed to work but so many tablets daily proved to much for me and I had all sorts of side effects and so now am trying Naturethroid. Taking small dose dily (1/8 grain) to begin and hoping to increase. Already hypo symptoms are reduced though experiencing bad migraines and slight hyper feeling. Intend sticking with it though as feel it's just me reacting to new substances and hoping it'll settle.

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    Hi, I just now joined this site. I currently take prescription medication (levothyroxine 50 mcg) for Hypothyroidism, but I cannot tell that it's doing ANY good. On Jan. 1, I started on a "diet" [I prefer the term Healthy Lifestyle Regimen] in an attempt to shed some pounds (I'm about 100 lbs. overweight), but so far all of my efforts have proved futile. So, I am seriously considering switching to the natural thyroid extract, that is derived from pigs and cows. Can anyone shed
    any light on this, whether it has helped them or not. .



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