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Thread: Reduction in medication and I feel ******

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    Arrow Reduction in medication and I feel ******

    I recently went to the doctor for my annual thyroid blood test. I was called back a few days later and told that my result showed that I was taking too much thyroxine and he was going to reduce it. This surprised me as I was feeling very tired and thought I was under not over. The locum looked it up on the internet and said that the symptons were the same for over and under so he was reducing my medication. Now here I am mid - day - can not concentrate and feel awfull. Has anyone else had this problem. I have been on thyroxine for approx 12 years and am in my late 50s. It is not the "cahnge of Life" - that was sorted tears ago.

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    Re: Reduction in medication and I feel ******

    Hi Steph111050, sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly.

    When you went to see your doctor, did you ask for your test results? It's actually a very good idea to have all of your past results as well so you can compare which hormones are going up and down.

    Just feeling tired could be due to a lot of reason hence you couldn't say you were under or over medicated. How much thyroxine are you taking at the moment and how do you take it? I mean if you have changed your diet recently when you take your thyroxine so that may reduce the absorption of thyroxine hence you may need a bit more and vice versa.

    I would imagine like most doctors, your doctor must have ordered FT4 or TSH and his results are based on that one number. You have to do FT3, FT4 and TSH all together to really get the idea if the dose is high or low.



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