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Thread: Depression have role?

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    Re: Depression have role?

    Thyroid problems are a direct cause of depression and anxiety there is no doubt about that. Some doctors may deny it but the medical science proves it.



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    There can be many reasons for depression. Dissatisfaction from anything is the main cause of it. This can be also due to change in hormone & aging factor. There are many ways to fight with it. Read motivational magazines, watch motivational movies, watch humorous serial, listen music which soothens your heart. Go for a walk in fresh air & do what you love to do.

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    Depression cure:

    Do take deep breath in fresh air,
    Take multivitamin regularly,
    Share your problems with your family,
    Avoid alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants....

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    Depression can be a symptom of hypothyroidism, a condition that occurs when a gland called the thyroid doesn't produce enough of certain hormones. Thyroid hormones regulate how your body uses energy. When these hormone levels run low, it can cause depression. Hypothyroidism and depression also share some symptoms in common. These include tiredness (fatigue) and weight gain. For this reason, hypothyroidism is sometimes mistaken for depression.



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