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Best Absorbed Zinc - Thyroid and Testosterone

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Since my early days of hypothyroidism, I have been struggling to get a zinc product which would work wonders for me. Initially I tried all different brands but noticed absolutely no progress at all......It seems that I wasn't taking any supplements at all.

It could have been due to low adrenal reserves, deficiency in other vitamins and minerals and thousands other reasons which I don't know. Feeling I was wasting my money and perhaps hurting my body rather than benefitting it by continuously bombarding it with different brands of zinc, I stopped it all together.

Recently I decided to try it once again and bought two different zinc products based on internet research and product reviews. Now a days, it's very difficult as there are no many websites which give positive reviews of the products which is "supposed" to work but never works for end user.....reason is tactics!

I am not going to write what brand is best or which brand you guys should go with but I'll describe which zinc actually worked for me and it's quite common well known as well.

What is Zinc???

Zinc is an important mineral most people do not get enough of everyday. Taking a good zinc supplement is a good way to prevent a condition called zinc deficiency. Zinc deficiency, if not treated, can often result in slowing wound repair, limiting brain function, hair loss, diarrhea and skin lesions. If you are not getting enough zinc in your diet, taking a good zinc supplement is in order, especially since your body cannot produce zinc on its own.

Zinc Food Sources

Zinc is a mineral that comes in many food sources, including fortified breakfast cereals, seafood, red meats, whole grains and brewer’s yeast. If you are unable to maintain a good balanced diet to include some of these items, it is essential to take a good zinc supplement to maintain good health.

If you already take a good multivitamin daily, it may be unnecessary for you to take a zinc supplement; too much zinc can be just as dangerous as not getting enough, therefore it is advised for you to talk with your health care provider. Have the proper test run to determine what, if any, zinc supplements you should be taking.

Types of Zinc Supplements

There are several types of zinc supplements, some better than others, that can be purchased most anywhere. Some types of zinc supplements include:

Zinc Sulfate (which can cause stomach irritation)
Amino Acid Chelates of zinc (which may be a little expensive)
Zinc Gluconate (which is a good type)
Topical Zinc (used for some mild skin conditions and cold sores)
Zinc Oxide (used in some sun block preparations and some creams)

Some types of zinc that are best absorbed include:

Zinc Citrate
Zinc Acetate
Zinc Picolinate

Do not take oral zinc with foods that deter absorption like bran, protein, coffee, phytates, phosphorus or calcium. As with all vitamin and mineral supplements, store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and away from children.

Zinc Trial

From my research and reading different user reviews, I came to a conclusion that I must try at least two of three products which apparently are absorbed best. I ordered

Zinc Citrate
Zinc Picolinate

Both of them were of brands "NOW" which is quite famous brand on internet and they seem to make everything on earth.

Zinc Citrate

I tried Zinc Citrate for at least three months without any break. I took it after evening meal continuously and avoided any calcium products close to taking zinc. It didn't work for me at all or if there were any benefits, I didn't notice them. I am not sure what reason could but I remember staring at the bottle everyday before and after taking the pill......thinking is it really working? What am I supposed to feel during these days due to this?

Zinc Picolinate

Disappointed from Zinc Citrate, I stopped taking zinc products again for a couple of months and have recently given a go to Zinc Picolinate. For me, Zinc Picolinate is magic as after a week, I felt the difference. The difference I felt was better mood, more energy and increase sex drive. My hair quality improved at the same time as well.
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I have not done any blood tests to check my sex hormones (LH, FSH, Testosterone) or any other hormone but it's the feeling of being well which makes you know that things are on right track.

I am not claiming that it'll work definitely for everyone but one should be open to different types and give other types a go if one is not working for them. It is best to try one Vitamin or Mineral at a time to monitor the progress. Also if something doesn't work then better to give a gap of a couple of weeks before starting another one.

I am not sure how much benefit it would bring to women as this is written from a male perspective but I do think women need zinc as well....perhaps not in the same quantity as men.

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