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Adrenal Fatigue - Seven Stages - Stage 1

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Very interesting information which I came across when I was going through initial stages of adrenal fatigue. My doctor advised me to get my adrenals checked and I got colour paper of results, without any further information. Looked around and found this information to understand my results.

Stage 1

In this phase, we find the cortisol levels are beginning to rise in an effort by the body to compensate for the stress it is asked to endure. However, we find that the DHEA levels are keeping pace with the Cortisol levels indicating that the body is still balanced its efforts keep up with the stress placed upon it. We rarely see patients at this time. However, when physicians become wise enough to run the ASI test as a screening test, we will be able to detect more and more adrenal weakness at this stage when it is most easily corrected.

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  1. Miss Kitty's Avatar
    Hello there, I would love to know more about these seven stages. is there any way that you would be able/willing to post them ar lead me to a place where i can find them so i can further understand? i would be so very appreciative thanks much
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