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Hypothyroidism and bone cancer osteo sarcoma

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Hi my name is George, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 1998 I now take 200mcg. Levothyroxine daily. Got little help from my doctor had to play around with the dosage myself, I lost my right arm 1996 due to bone cancer osteo sarcoma I was told it was probably the chemotherapy that messed up my thyroid gland, but there was nothing conclusive, incidentally I had to ask to be tested for thyroid problem I had done a bit of research on my symptoms, and thyroid fitted the bill.

They had been treating me for other things unrelated to thyroid,(doctor's)it is no wonder I do not trust them they had already nearly killed me with misdiagnosis of my cancer think they were trying to finish the job with thyroid, with the result I never take anyone's word for anything especially doctors i do my own research, and I would advise others to do the same because there are advances in medicine all the time. I do not take any other pharmaceutical medications prefer to rely on alternatives, of which there are many I am still here after 13yrs so I must be doing something right have beaten the odds not because of doctors but in spite of them. I am planning trying armour thyroid had asked my doc. but I think it fell on deaf ears they only know how to write prescriptions for pharmaceuticals I know what you going to say (what a cynical sod he is) but I am talking from bad experiencesí I hope this of interest to someone, it is only a small part of my story maybe I should write a book about my experiences, take care stay healthy your life is in your hands.

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