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my update on underactive thyroid treatment

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I forgot a log is supposed to be updated!! Right, so to re-cap, I stopped taking my levothyroxine at the beginning of July because, after a year it certainly wasnt making me feel better I was finding it harder & harder to get out of bed, think straight, get through a day at work etc. anything extra like a social event wiped me out for several days. I had been reading a lot on the web (you get desperate for a solution) and I was talking to people at work who had been through the same thing (very lucky with that). One recommended I see her acupuncturist who is also a medical doctor and I was told that my adrenals were very low. I was given Nutri Adrenal Extra tablets which Im taking in ever increasing doses (now up to 6 tablets a day). Last week I went back to the acupuncturist and she said I was less shaky and I know I had been calmer, but not feeling more energetic or clear thinking really. She said it was now ok to start me on natural thyroid (Armour) and today is day 5 of taking half grain a day I split it into 2 doses of equivalent to 15mg each.

Things Ive noticed over these 4 days:

  • Have woken up with energy at 6am on every morning since taking it
  • Am regular with number 2s (from being once every 3-4 days)
  • Clear thinking
  • Actually looking forward to various social/travel events coming up when I had been dreading them
  • Basal temperatures have gone up from 34.0 to 35.8!
  • Appetite good, from not bothered if I eat or not

Im going to increase the Armour by 15mg after 1 week and increase regularly after that. Im still taking the adrenal support tablets.

I really hope this is going to work now but Im staying cool about it because I was so let down with the other treatment.

Im waiting for an appointment with a endocrinologist and I will tell her everything Ive been doing and hopefully have some tests done. That might help to convince her of the benefits of alternative treatments. Fingers crossed. Id be interested to hear what other people whove tried both adrenal support and Armour have found. I know its not always all happy ever after! Good luck to everyone & Ill write more soon.

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