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Hi I am new to this site. I was really glad to find it on the internet,because I am doing my utmost to lose weight. I am almost 37,diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 2 1/2 months old,thyroid completely failed.I am on 200mg levothyroxine Mon-Sat and 100mg Sun. I used to be blase and think it was just a mild illness and its only as I got a bit older and had bad hair loss,big weight gain,big weightloss,palpitations and fatigue I started to become more health aware. Also had severe eclampsia back in 2003,convulsions during labour,high bp,it was scary time for our baby son,my husband and me;luckily our son was resusitated and thankfully is a lively 8 year old boy! I went on to have a little girl in 2007 but I became very ill with postnatal depression with psychosis,and spent time in hospital. I do not mention this to complain but I say it because I use the experiences to think how far I have come,mainly thanks to excellent Doctors and off course my family and friends. It was very hard for them too and they rallied round and cared for my children when I was in hospital.Now adays,I try to be more healthy living and encourage my children in that too,and husband. He is a very supportive man and great dad to our kids.I dont want to seem like a hypochondriac,but I am more cautious with health matters and being sure to take medication daily and keep my appointments with health professionals. I currently dont work but I really aim to train further in working with children. I want to work in a nursery or classroom as an assistant.

I follow weightwatchers diet and walk regularly and occasionally go to gym if I have childcare . I do get frustrated though because as I am also on Seroquel (800mg daily and 200mg sertraline) which do not make it easy to lose weight. I am not blaming my weight (14 stone) on the medicines totally,hands up,I used to be erratic eater,lots or nothing. However, I have recently lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks,cutting out salt, sugar, caffeine, butter, high fat cheese. I have gone on to decaff coffee also green tea,multivitamin, 3x1000mg cod liver oil tablets daily and my abdomen definitely a bit flatter.

I am curious about t3 supplements after my Mum gave me a newspaper article about a lady who never gave up despite a long battle to be listened to,and she was really inspiring because she tried t3 and it was a success. No matter what I do, I have always had a big belly,even when as a teenager I toned up everywhere else.It does get me down I must admit cos it looks like I am pregnant and I eat healthy food,with only a once weekly treat of boiled rice and chilli prawns. Is there anyone out there who can tell me please if T3 supplements work?

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  1. Mike's Avatar
    Hi @Kateyb74

    A lot of people swear by T3 supplements but I dont use it personally. I have been on thyroxine for years and tried mixing it with T3 but didnt feel any benefit on it. Hence I am back to thyroxine now.

    A lot of depend on your body's ability to deal with it. T3 requires more adrenal hormones so if your adrenals are stressed out, you'll struggle more on it.

    Best thing is to order a small portion and try a routine to see if you benefit.
  2. wjbettis's Avatar
    Hello @Kateyb74 I lost 91 lbs this year Dr. said I shouyld read a book called 'Eat to Live' by Joel Furhman
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