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Adrenal Fatigue - Seven Stages - Stage 4

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Stage 4

Now we see a big change from maladaption phase 1. While our DHEA levels may not have dropped too much more, the Cortisol levels have taken a precipitous drop. What has happened is that the body is using up its store of DHEA (the hormone precursor) and simply can no longer maintain the high levels of Cortisol that it had previously. At first glance you may think that this patient is improving since the Cortisol levels are nearer to the reference levels than in Key 3, but this is not the case. The stress on the body is still there, but the material for the body to keep up its Cortisol levels is not.

Notice the low morning levels of Cortisol. These people have a hard time "getting going" in the morning. They become night and afternoon people. With the high night-time Cortisol They often have trouble getting to sleep and may awaken when their blood sugar levels drop (about 3 to 5 am).

Notice that there is very little change in the Cortisol levels. This is a certain sign that the body is in real trouble. We see many patients with this type of reading.

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