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Update on my TSH test results - Thyroid

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In late June, my TSH was up to .54, although my weight was still down at 97 pounds (starting weight last summer was 119). The endo said that with thyroiditis, he expected me to have cycling mild hypo and hyper thyroidism that would eventually resolve to normal thyroid function, although it might end up hypothyroid. He said we'd treat symptoms of hypothyroidism if I thought they were being problematic for me, or if they persisted, but not otherwise.

Anyways, I saw my non-endo doc last week and my weight is up to 104 But I'm feeling really tired and sleeping a lot and wanting to sleep even more. I'm not sure if I'm constipated (the only two symptoms of hypothyroidism that my doc told me about are exhaustion and constipation) but I have a stomache ache in my lower stomache that's been bothering me. I am having bowel movements. I'm seeing the endo and having blood drawn on the 28th, so it's not a really big deal one way or the other, but I'm wondering:

Is there any one symptom that lets you personally know that you're hypothyroid? How do I know if I should be worried about a symptom, or if I should just chalk it up to thyroiditis?

Also, my thyroid still hurts!

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  1. Mike's Avatar
    Hello Jonah.....just saying hi and to check how you coping with your thyroid
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