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Iodine Uptake Results and More Questions

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My endocrinologist left me a message saying that my iodine uptake is very low. Those are his words; I don't know if he meant very low compared to what you'd expect in a hyperthyroid patient or very low compared to normal or what; he just said very low.
He also said that this means that I do not have Graves disease. He says that if you have hyperthyroidism with low iodine uptake, that means that the thyroid isn't producing more iodine; it's just releasing more of its store. He said that he's run the antibody tests twice and they're all in the normal range, but maybe it's Hashitoxicosis anyways. He says maybe it's subacute thyroiditis. He says he doesn't know.
He says it's probably self limitting, and he'd like me to come in to have the thyroid hormone levels rechecked and so that he can feel my thyroid. AGAIN.

Anyways. Here's a question for y'all. What are the diagnostic criteria for Hashitoxicosis and subacute thyroiditis?
If we know for sure that I've had hyperthyroidism for two months and suspect ten months, and it's gotten more severe over that time period, can it really be subacute thyroiditis? How long are Hashitoxi and subacture thyroiditis allowed to last before they're called something else?
What else could this be?
The doctor mentioned that something like these results could happen if somebody was ingesting gargantuam quantities of iodine, but I'm pretty darned certain that that is not the issue. I don't take any supplements.

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