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New members, say HELLO here!!!

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Hello Ive recently been diagnosed as having a very underactive thyroid after the birth of my son.
It was not diagnosed for quite some time and i kept going back and forth for what felt like forever at one point was even diagnosed as having post natal deppression which i knew wasnt right, they then thought i had inflamation of the joints so did blood tests which then showed i had the thyroid issue.
I was so pleased to finally have a reason for feeling so rubbish as at one point i felt in complete dispair almost like i was going crazy? All my joints ached i had gained a load of weight and did not reconise the girl i saw in the mirror and all the time i was trying to be the best mum i could to my new baby boy
As soon as i found out what was wrong it was like a massive weight had been lifted and i could finally put a reason to the feelings i had.
Im currently on 75mg of Levothyroxine and already feel like a new person all the aches and pains have gone and that sad feeling has gone as for the weight thats a big bug bear of mine as i have never been so heavy and as i was in later stages of the condition also have some face swelling which has gone down but i still notice a big diffrence from how i used to look to now, Also the amount of hair i am losing is crazy is this another lovely side effect of this condition.....??

I would really love someone to talk to about they way i feel sometimes as this has seriously knocked my confidence.
Thankyou for reading

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