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Endo finally listening!!!!

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Hi guys,
Well finally making headway with my condition
After undergoing treatment for Papilliary Thyroid cancer in early 2010,I have been through the mill with my meds.
Gained 11kg in 6 weeks after being taken off T3 and put on T4 only. I was on quite a high doseage of T4,bloods coming back fine,still gained weight and suffered from 'cloth head' syndrome.
Well ,saw Endo again earlier last month,well not the endo,but a registrar,who,from what I can gather, was quite well respected. I talked him through my story (should get it taped to save repeating myself) and he actually agreed! He had to get it authorised from the head endo (the guy who said my weight gain 'must be something else' ), who agreed with the 'new' guy. It looked like a face saving exercise .
Well, Im now on 100mcg of T4 and 60 mcg of T3, lost half a stone without trying, sleep like a log, energy levels are back to normal. Im hesitant at exhaulting the change too soon,as there is a bounce back effect I have experianced before.
But for now,alls looking rosey

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  1. Jonah's Avatar
    Hope things are still looking rosy. It's always a good thing when your doctor listens to you.
  2. Mike's Avatar
    Doctors are commercially focused now so you should feel lucky if your doctor listens to you
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