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Stopped Armour - Back on HC

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Had to stop even 1/2 grain of Armour I was taking as it made me tired.

Increased my dosage of HC back to 20mcg for a few days and then now reduced it back to 15mcg. 10mcg in the morning after breakfast plus 5mcg at lunch time.

Since my last post, I had blood tests done to see where was I going. Mind you, I already stopped Armour for a week before Tests so these results do not really reflect any Armour T3 in my body.

FT4 - 26.8pmol/L (Ref: 9 - 26)
FT3 - 5.3 pmol/L (Ref: 2.5 - 5.7)
TSH - 0.07 (Ref: 0.3 - 4.2)

I knew I was on slightly higher dose of thyroxine (250mcg since stopping all Armour) as I felt more hungry and a bit tired as well but just for the sake of it, I thought, keep it up for a few weeks. It's just thyroxine and not poison.

What I see from my results is that T4 to T3 conversion is absolutely not an issue in my case. What could be the issue is RT3. I requested this test as well like so many others but the person who was taking the blood, perhaps forgot to write it down. These people don't really have a clue, how important these results are for us

I was very much worried that it may not just be adrenals cortisol which I need, may be I need aldosterone as well as pupillary was quite expanding and contracting when shown light. I read it may be due to low levels of aldosterone so I may need Florinef. Just when I was about to buy it again from international pharmacy, thought let's wait for the test results.

Sodium and Potassium are absolutely spot on, they were exactly the same when I had them done back in November so I am ruling out any Electrolyte imbalance.

Total and Free testosterone was requested but didnt happen for some reason. LH and FSH came within range as LH was quite low when I was on Adrenal Extracts from Nutri. I was told by my Endo that extracts suppress LH making your testosterone levels lower as well. Now I have been off Nutri Adrenal extracts for more than two months and just being on HC. I hope once I am off HC, these levels will rise within middle range.

All other results seem to be quite good so very happy with those. Even though I feel a bit dizzy time to time, not that much that I would fall but still feel my head going in circles.

So my strategy now is - Keep thyroxine to 250mcg even though results are slightly high, I know body will adjust when it feels presence of T4 so not going to reduce it. Next month I am cutting HC to half as I feel a bit better even BP is up and down all the time.

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