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thyroid nil

12 months with no Thyroid..........

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Well, joined Thyroid help and began posting. Updated profile and awaiting an appointment with an Endo. This is the result of being on T3 for a year,then changing to T4. I have had my thyroid removed due to papillary thyroid cancer back in 2010.
My results hve came back OK for T4. TSH 0.06 T4 in normal range. Still feel 'uggghh!' Funny energy levels. No spark. Did have the same feeling on T3 towards the end. The 'lap' over stage, when I had some residual T3 and began taking T4, I felt like my old self, only for a few days though.

Hope to keep everyone posted on my progress.


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  1. Mike's Avatar
    Great start thyroid nil......I sincerely hope you get somewhere with this whole T3 and T4 issue. Keep updating your blog and progress as I'll keep an eye on it. I am on T4 only but thinking of adding T3 to see if it brings any positive results. Good luck
  2. thyroid nil's Avatar
    Im afraid Ive started doing just that Mike. I decided today I was at the end of my tether after spending 2 days not really being able to motivate myself and getting news that my referral to the Endocrinologist has messed up again - original appointment was 24th March, still waiting for date.
    So I dipped into my supply of T3 I had built up over the last year. I took 40mcg. Based on the ratio or 5:1 I was a little under. But I feel much better today, I actually feel more motivated an like 'me' . And no, before you ask ,Im not getting palpitations /heart pain etc (just a bit on guard after the old site I was on, would immediately begin to shoot you down for even questioning meds,never mind taking control yourself!)
    So my appetite has become manageable ,hopefully I will be able to get back to a 'normal' weight range rather than lugging around 12 kg I didnt have before.
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