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My Update

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Right, I have decided to summaries my daily medication on this blog so I can keep a log of myself and read it whenever I need it.

I have a few symptoms which are repeated over a period of time, disappear and then come back again. I always forget what I change in my routine that I face those sort of symptoms so I have decided to put it in words so I can track it back when needed.

One example would be, unable to fall sleep. It's not like I cannot fall asleep, I do but I get a feeling that my mind is still awake and when in the morning I get up, I am not fresh at all.

Now this always happens whenever I increase my thyroxine dosage. I have recently increased it from 200mcg to 250mcg and sleep pattern has got upset again. I tried taking Nytol two nights straight and it was of great help but Nytol stops working if taken more than 2 times in a week. I dont want to rely on these sleeping pills either so hopefully this will improve in the next week.

Fingers crossed

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