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  1. New members, say HELLO here!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by helenh View Post
    hi new to this have had my thyroid removed now taking 300 of thyroxine daily is this too much
  2. New members, say HELLO here!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephy82 View Post
    Hello Ive recently been diagnosed as having a very underactive thyroid after the birth of my son.
    It was not diagnosed for quite some time and i kept going back and forth for what felt like forever at one point was even diagnosed as having post natal deppression which i knew wasnt right, they then thought i had inflamation of the joints so did blood tests which then showed i had the thyroid issue.
    I was so pleased to finally have a reason for feeling so rubbish as at one point i felt
  3. any help would be appreciated!

    hello all im new here, Nichola from the u.k, im hoping to find some very much needed help on this forum, just over a year ago i found a lump on my thyroid ive had a scan and a biopsy which wasnt cancerous thankfully, i now have to have yearly checks on it, the thing is ive been having over the course of quite a few years alot of symptoms of over/under active thyroid, the docs has only done tsh tests on my thyroid, i have 2 of the results the 1st one was 0.85 and the 2nd one was 1.1 both came back ...
  4. Coming to terms with a life long medical condition which at times feels rather disabling

    I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 16 months ago, since then my journey has been one of ups and downs. Having not been to the GP for years in the last couple of years I feel I have not been away.
    It all started with a crazy menopause and finding out I was severely anaemic. As part of the ongoing investigations of my anaemia I found out that I had subclinical hypothyroidism. Starting on 50mcg Levothyroxine in April 2011 certainly seemed to help and sort out the menopause. My anaemia is ...
  5. Endo finally listening!!!!

    Hi guys,
    Well finally making headway with my condition
    After undergoing treatment for Papilliary Thyroid cancer in early 2010,I have been through the mill with my meds.
    Gained 11kg in 6 weeks after being taken off T3 and put on T4 only. I was on quite a high doseage of T4,bloods coming back fine,still gained weight and suffered from 'cloth head' syndrome.
    Well ,saw Endo again earlier last month,well not the endo,but a registrar,who,from what I can gather, was ...
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