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  1. Three Years Later...My story with Thyroid and TSH

    My TSH was first tested as abnormal in April 2009 due to concerns about dramatic unintentional weight loss- from 119 to 99 lb (I dropped a couple more pounds after it was tested). It was tested during the pre-op visit for my cholecystectomy and we really didn't expect an abnormal result, but my TSH was 0.20.
    I went ahead, had surgery, had the TSH retested, and it was 0.12, so my endocrinologist (I have an endocrinologist because I have diabetes) ordered a number of other tests. These ruled ...
  2. Update on my TSH test results - Thyroid

    In late June, my TSH was up to .54, although my weight was still down at 97 pounds (starting weight last summer was 119). The endo said that with thyroiditis, he expected me to have cycling mild hypo and hyper thyroidism that would eventually resolve to normal thyroid function, although it might end up hypothyroid. He said we'd treat symptoms of hypothyroidism if I thought they were being problematic for me, or if they persisted, but not otherwise.

    Anyways, I saw my non-endo doc last ...
  3. Iodine Uptake Results and More Questions

    My endocrinologist left me a message saying that my iodine uptake is very low. Those are his words; I don't know if he meant very low compared to what you'd expect in a hyperthyroid patient or very low compared to normal or what; he just said very low.
    He also said that this means that I do not have Graves disease. He says that if you have hyperthyroidism with low iodine uptake, that means that the thyroid isn't producing more iodine; it's just releasing more of its store. He said that he's ...
  4. Family History of thyroid disease

    For some reason, I was quizzing my mother about family history of thyroid diseases, and in fact there isn't one there.
    But I didn't think to ask my paternal uncle. He says that in fact, my paternal grandmother was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism when she was 76, and her sister was too, at that same age, and that while he doesn't know what kind, he does know that they both had radioactive iodine treatments and that my grandmother was on thryoid replacement hormones later on.

    So ...
  5. Antibodies Negative

    The thyrotropin receptor autoantibodies (TRAb) came in at normal range.
    The Hashi's antibodies haven't, to the best of my knowledge, been tested recently, but were done as part of routine screening for diabetics, two years ago, and were normal at that time.

    The TSH, however, came in at 0.1 from Friday's blood work, down from 0.2 three weeks earlier and 0.56 two years ago.
    The Free T4 is normal, I think- all I'm going by is the doctor's message.

    What's ...
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