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  1. Off T3

    Well as said before Ive tried T4 + T3 combo, it worked for as long as I was taking it for. Just to experiment, I dropped off the T3 a week ago. Just slept for 10 hours straight, then weighed myself and Im 4lb up
    Im going to go back onto the T4/T3 combo just for next week as I have an Endo appointment on the 17th, so giving the T3 a chance to exit my system prior to appointment.
    My current meds are 250 T4 when taking T3 Im usually on 40mcg, so just under the 5:1 ratio. ...
  2. 12 months with no Thyroid..........

    Well, joined Thyroid help and began posting. Updated profile and awaiting an appointment with an Endo. This is the result of being on T3 for a year,then changing to T4. I have had my thyroid removed due to papillary thyroid cancer back in 2010.
    My results hve came back OK for T4. TSH 0.06 T4 in normal range. Still feel 'uggghh!' Funny energy levels. No spark. Did have the same feeling on T3 towards the end. The 'lap' over stage, when I had some residual T3 and began taking T4, I felt like ...
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