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  1. International pharmacy - really nice

    Latest example of brain fog - I ordered Armour thyroid from International Pharmacy but forgot to pay so that's why I haven't had it after 4 weeks.
    I've phoned them now & spoke to a really nice sounding american guy who said they'll send it anyway & I can send a cheque later - so nice so it's looking like I'll have to resume levothyroxine until it comes!

    Updated 28th March 2012 at 08:40 PM by sunflower

  2. my update on underactive thyroid treatment

    I forgot – a log is supposed to be updated!! Right, so to re-cap, I stopped taking my levothyroxine at the beginning of July because, after a year it certainly wasn’t making me feel better – I was finding it harder & harder to get out of bed, think straight, get through a day at work etc. anything extra like a social event wiped me out for several days. I had been reading a lot on the web (you get desperate for a solution) and I was talking to people at work who had been through the same thing ...
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