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Thyroid Story

  1. Overactive thyroid - My Story Part I

    oh, and i am waiting to have the throid removed but can't have that done until the heart thingy is sorted out. There, now i am done
  2. Overactive thyroid - My Story

    Oooh, should maybe have added that I did have an overactive thyroid about 20 years ago when my daughter was about 2 .... but it sorted it self out fairly quickly i think i had beta blockers and something else at the time. Also I had 4 years of fertility treatment, I did not have periods and was not ovulating, before my daughter came along, another thisng that may or may not be attributable to thyroid!
  3. My Story - Thyroid illness

    Hi All, this is my story - believe it or not in brief

    I have been struggling for over 14 months now, it all started when i gave up smoking (I am still off the ciggies).

    About the same time i gave up smoking I developed a cold, which caused me to be breathless (altho i have astham so thought it was that) and my voice changed dramatically, the lady that does the voice for Minnie Mouse should have been quaking in her boots!!! The cold went but breathlessness ...

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    Thyroid Story
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