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  1. Adrenal Extracts - Do they really work?

    It's been almost five years since I had RAI and was identified by Adrenal Fatigue after six months of RAI. Initially I refused to accept that I could have any problem like adrenal and it's simple thyroid issue. I had all symptoms and signs of adrenal fatigue but I dont know....I was still trying to ignore it all together.

    I did adrenal saliva test after meeting Dr. Durrant Barry Peatfield and results came out extremely poor. Below is the screenshot how did they look at that time. ...
  2. Best Absorbed Zinc - Thyroid and Testosterone

    by , 10th April 2012 at 01:23 PM (Mike's Personal Blog on Thyroid Progress)
    Since my early days of hypothyroidism, I have been struggling to get a zinc product which would work wonders for me. Initially I tried all different brands but noticed absolutely no progress at all......It seems that I wasn't taking any supplements at all.

    It could have been due to low adrenal reserves, deficiency in other vitamins and minerals and thousands other reasons which I don't know. Feeling I was wasting my money and perhaps hurting my body rather than benefitting it by continuously
  3. Latest Update on recovery to thyroid and Cortef progress

    by , 28th March 2009 at 12:33 PM (Mike's Personal Blog on Thyroid Progress)
    So I have been on Cortef for a while plus taking my thyroxine as needed, 200mcg to be exact which I feel may be slightly low.

    This time I decided to stick to 15mcg dosage of cortef for a while and not to reduce it like I have been doing in the past. I started to feel slightly better, dizziness started to disappear and so the hand shaking. On top of that, I have been taking sea salt first thing in the morning as well.

    Changed my diet as well and everything is brown including ...
  4. Thyroid Progress - It's all working out it appears

    by , 28th January 2009 at 01:45 PM (Mike's Personal Blog on Thyroid Progress)
    The treatment seems to be working very well for me as I am taking 225mcg thyroxine along with 20mcg cortef.

    I usually take thyroxine first thing in the morning before getting out of my bed and then first dose of cortef is around 09:00 am after my breakfast.

    Having read a few other adrenal related highly recommended books, I have added a few more supplements to my diet which appear to be working very well.

    The list goes on

  5. Stopped Armour Thyroid - Back on Hydrocortisone now

    by , 16th January 2009 at 09:10 PM (Mike's Personal Blog on Thyroid Progress)
    Had to stop even 1/2 grain of Armour I was taking as it made me tired.

    Increased my dosage of HC back to 20mcg for a few days and then now reduced it back to 15mcg. 10mcg in the morning after breakfast plus 5mcg at lunch time.

    Since my last post, I had blood tests done to see where was I going. Mind you, I already stopped Armour for a week before Tests so these results do not really reflect any Armour T3 in my body.

    FT4 - 26.8pmol/L (Ref: 9 - 26)
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