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  1. Hypothyroidism: Scary
  2. 'Hyperthyroid' and 'hypothyroid'
  3. Surgery
  4. Thyroid hormone pills
  5. What Is Hypothyroidism?
  6. Early manifestations of hypothyroidism
  7. How to track a progressing hypothyroidism?
  8. Pregnany and Hypothyroidism Treatment
  9. Prognosis of Hypothyroidism
  10. Hypothyroidism and Heart Failure
  11. Hypothyroidism Causes
  12. Disappearing antibodies??
  13. Loss of Muscle/Body Tone
  14. Temperature drop
  15. Candiet affect cause my low thyroid?
  16. Thyroiditis
  17. Skin
  18. TMJ as a symptom anyone??
  19. Sunken eyes appearance
  20. Just thought I'd let you know...
  21. under active thyroid
  22. Alcohol use while treated for hypothyroidism
  23. Doctor frustration...
  24. Loosing Weight?
  25. Got new blood test results - and appointment with doctor
  26. Interesting mainstream experiment hypo and adrenal supplemen
  27. I have upped my Thyroxine up...
  28. hi im new and desperately ill.. conversion probs
  29. My first dose decrease since Armour treatment.
  30. I dont whether its Thyroid disease, or I'm just greedy!
  31. Definite improvement, but will it last?
  32. In Search of the Impossible Dream?Research RE:Hypo-treatment
  33. Scar tissue
  34. Will it last?..................Not this time lol!
  35. Endo the road? Straight forward from now?
  36. I've become very aware of energy Crashes lately!
  37. a few questions!
  38. treatment for hashimoto???
  39. Good info
  40. Just got back from GP's..
  41. help please
  42. What now?
  43. My GP has obviously been reading the new RCP guidelines!!!
  44. Started Armour Thyroid today
  45. ageing gracefully!
  46. milk & hypothyroidism
  47. Feeling Ill on plenty of TH replacement? Read this
  48. I think Dr Skinner is losing faith in me...
  49. Hypo with burning mouth
  50. so my FT4 is over 40!!
  51. Dan Brett reposted Guidelines on Onmedica, respondez ?
  52. So frustrating!!!
  53. tinnitus another sympton of hypo!!!
  54. Please sign the Global Petition for better care
  55. What to do??
  56. Throat scan - anyone put me at ease?
  57. Meds keep getting raised
  58. hypothyroid medication and allergies
  59. what about these other symptoms? (Eye twitching)
  60. Thymus gland
  61. One week's thyroxine in a day?
  62. My TSH is very high
  63. had bloods done yesterday
  64. hot benefits
  65. Dr disappointment
  66. raspy voice
  67. Colonic cancer
  68. Hashimoto's
  69. My TSH is .......dum dum dummmmmm
  70. The Lethal Hypothyroid - Low Magnesium Axis
  71. Interpret my results please (hypothyroid)
  72. Long rant; dr. walked out on us yesterday, plz help us
  73. Bulging eye, but not Grave's Disease. Any ideas?
  74. I have had paranoid episodes.....
  75. Heart Issues?
  76. 6 different generics
  77. Foggy Headedness
  78. first labs since starting levothyroxine
  79. Weight Loss
  80. dizziness
  81. Reluctantly Admitting Improvement
  82. Graves then RAI now Hypo!!!!!
  83. New test results - why do I still feel bad??
  84. Newbie to medication
  85. Feeling Awful
  86. High heart rate, high glucose, TSH help!
  87. Armour from Thailand
  88. Armour from Thailand
  89. A quick hello
  90. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  91. Multinodular Goiter with Normal blood tests and scan.
  92. What foods &etc should I be avoiding?
  93. thyroid and the brain
  94. What next? Any suggestions? Seriously hypo after Radioactive Iodine Therapy
  95. i think
  96. How much thyroxine is normal?
  97. daughter aged 12 hypothyroidism
  98. Can supplements mask an over active thyroid reading?
  99. underactive thyroid and thrush
  100. Thyroid and Giving up smoking
  101. 4 years of unsorted hypothyroidism
  102. Seeing A New Doctor
  103. Weight loss & HYPO - anyone else?
  104. Should I start with Hydrocortisone before the thyroid meds?
  105. Thyroid, Thyroxine side effects and yoga
  106. Need advice, so confused!
  107. On 200 thyroxine daily still have symptoms
  108. getting thyroid tested in NHS uk
  109. Questions
  110. Is joint pain a symptom of hypothyroidism?
  111. Hi, new here. Symptomatic but Dr says normal (won't give me exact results?)
  112. Iodine
  113. newly diagnosed and confused!
  114. Crash after initial improvement?
  115. News from my Doctor today, been diagnosed with Thyroid problem, need advice
  116. I'm new and had a question
  117. Tsh help please!
  118. Hypothyroidism and Vitiligo
  119. Our recent poll suggests almost 50% people taking generic levothyroxine
  120. Free T3 and Free T4 - Blood Tests not done until requested!
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  123. Questions regarding underactive thyroid symptoms
  124. does anyone else feel like this
  125. Armour Thyroid and NHS policy
  126. Desperate for advice pls - a rather unusual case with suffering from ME/CFS!
  127. Any Advice/Help? University student with crazy hypo symptoms
  128. Help me understanding my thyroid blood test results
  129. Why does my symptoms seem to be getting worse?
  130. Having no thyroid - levothyroxine & supplements for weight loss.
  131. My thermostat is broken!
  132. headaches thyroxine side effects?
  133. Low thyroid with vitamin D3 and Calcium deficiency but rising TSH
  134. Switched from Synthroid to Armour and all underactive thyroid symptoms gone
  135. Just diagnosed with hypothyroidism...
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  137. In need of advice and guidance please Roaccutane, acne and thyroid!
  138. My Meds seem to work for a few weeks then I'm back to square one
  139. Sick of feeling this way! Why does my medication do nothing, and my GP just says they cant do anyth
  140. Earthing and thyroid
  141. Weird Changes
  142. autimmune disease and thyroid enlighten me please!
  143. Hypothyroidism and Fibromyalgia
  144. really scared and need info on t3 and t4
  145. really scared and need info on t3 and t4
  146. thyroid levels
  147. Thyroid?
  148. Meds at night or in morning ?
  149. is this thyroid related?? plz help
  150. strange head sensations anyone? plz reply someone
  151. Am I entitled to any benefits such as ESA?
  152. Choking symptoms
  153. Medication is too strong
  154. please help
  155. Selenium and autoimmune thyroiditis
  156. New around these here parts and I would dearly love some advice
  157. How long does it take?
  158. Blood test results
  159. Can TSh decrease this much in 6 weeks?
  160. How to wean yourself off thyroid meds?
  161. Diagnosed with subclinical and really confused
  162. Hypothyroid and just lost 3rd pregnancy. Hosp did thyroid levels, looking for help.
  163. What do results mean?